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Now more than any other time in history, hospitals and healthcare organizations are facing incredible challenges.  Providing a great patient experience and meeting the needs of families have never been more important, particularly in the era of COVID19.  If you are looking for new energy and creative ideas, we offer effective tools to navigate the patient experience and patient/family centered care.  

Characteristics of a Heroic Leader


Commitment to a clear mission and vision​


Loyally dedicated to the best experience for all patients and families


Reward/recognize team members in meaningful ways on an ongoing basis

Able to effectively collaborate with physicians and key stakeholders


Effective in communicating with all audiences - team members, families, physicians, board members and vendor partners·        


Self-motivated and able to lead with positivity and optimism


Demonstrates emotional well-being and practices healthy self care


Decisive, but also willing to listen to others' feedback and ideas in decision making      


​Takes accountability for results in all areas - patient experience outcomes,  employee engagement, quality measures, fiscal responsibilities and meeting the needs of their departments


Passionate and enthusiastic when interacting with all team members in leader rounding, presentations, communication modalities and all messaging


Builds and maintains trust with team members and the community

Personal Coaching for Heroic Leaders

Chris Thrash is offering one-on-one Coaching Calls with Individual Leaders or Executive Teams to assess highest priority needs while striving to be Heroic Leaders.  Based on each individual or executive team's needs, we are building personalized plans, tools and resources you can share with your hospital and healthcare team as a whole. 

Customized Inspiring Messages to Share with your Staff (Everyday Heroes)

We create short inspirational videos with dynamic messaging, your logo/branding

and pictures of your team members.  You can even include

short stories of your hospital heroes to include in video clips 

we create for your staff.  


Virtual Leadership Presentations and Webinars

Chris Thrash is also offering his Heroic Leadership keynotes

to hospitals and conferences that have chosen to provide their content

via virtual formats or satellite presentations. 


We care.  Please let us know how we can help your Heroic Leaders and Everyday Heroes. 

Our Menu of Services Are Listed Below 


Chris Thrash and Associates provide a wide array of services to help organizations build and sustain successful service cultures by focusing on what it takes to create excellent patient experiences, successful employee engagement, and long term success.  We are experts in increasing HCAHPS and CAHPS results.  Each organization can choose from the following menu of services to focus on the areas of greatest need:  Assessment, Branding the Service Initiative, Leadership Development, Staff Training and Strategic Planning.  We also provide service initiatives that span over the course of a year to roll out each phase, monitor improvement and give onsite coaching to target key areas for improvement.  All of our services and presentations are customized to each individual hospital client.  


Culture Assessment

Service Culture Assessment at all Levels of Organization

Chris Thrash and Associates will provide Service Culture Assessment and SWOT Surveys.  Every member of the executive team will complete an assessment along with 10 middle managers and 15 frontline staff members.  Once the assessments have been completed and returned to Chris Thrash and Associates, results are summarized as a foundational gauge for the areas that need to be targeted in the initiative.                                                                                                                                                                 

Secret Shopper Assessment

Chris Thrash and Associates will provide a 1-day secret shopper visit to get behind the customer camera and view your organization through the eyes of patients, family members and hospital guests.  The secret shopper visit not only evaluates the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the hospital environment, but also evaluates moment by moment interactions with hospital staff members in various departments and units.  At the end of the secret shopper visit, a complete written report is provided to the organization along with a verbal report personally from Chris Thrash to your executive team.                                                                              

Strategic Planning                                                                      

Establishing a Brand for the Service Initiative and Customer Service Standards

Based on the findings from the above assessment components, Chris Thrash will conduct a ½ day workshop with designated leaders, managers and members of the Patient Satisfaction team to develop a brand for the service initiative and create or redefine customer service standards.  The service initiative theme and standards will be introduced to the organization in an upcoming leadership workshop and housewide training sessions.  

Training Our Heroes                                                            

Leadership/Management Training 

This dynamic half-day leadership workshop is led by Chris Thrash.  This essential training session is designed to help prepare leaders for what it takes to build and sustain a successful service culture.  This powerful workshop gives managers the specific tools they will need to build a successful service culture in their individual departments and nursing units.  Chris will report out components of service culture assessments, secret shopper results, and focus on key targeted areas identified by hospital leadership and introduce the service initiative theme and new service standards.  “At the Heart of Heroic Leadership” presents leaders with key components and best practices for improving the service experience and provides great participant takeaways  


Everyday Heroes Staff Training 

Chris Thrash and Associates are industry leaders in hospital wide customer service training.  Chris Thrash personally delivers fun, high energy, one-hour presentations that create new energy throughout the organization by engaging employees in how to build a successful service culture and motivate them to focus on their individual roles in every detail of the patient experience. Chris has the unique ability to deliver each employee session with the same energy and passion every time to help staff members focus on service values and expected behaviors.  We work with each organization to customize the program to include service components the organization wants to emphasize.  These powerful sessions close with a PowerPoint presentation that includes employee pictures, dynamic graphics and a warm, heartfelt message employees will never forget.



“You’re On Our Team”  

Chris Thrash provides dynamic CME sessions that helps organizations get physicians on board in the importance of their role as it relates to how they deliver excellent service and their impact on patient and employee satisfaction.  This session introduces the organization’s mission, values and service standards to the physician audience.  Chris has a unique way of encouraging physicians to look at ways they impact the service experience in their relationships with patients, nursing staff, and other healthcare providers in the hospital and clinic setting.  He shares with physicians simple service standards they can implement to make their jobs easier, not harder and dramatically improve the perceptions of patients and employees they interact with on a day to day basis.  Most hospitals offer this session as a continuing education class so physicians receive CME credit for attending.