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Inspiring Everyday Heroes

Our Services

Chris Thrash and Associates partners with hospitals and healthcare organizations by offering dynamic leadership presentations, inspiring messages for frontline team members, and transformational initiatives for Culture Repair and Heroic Leadership. 


Leadership Presentations

Virtual or Live Format:  1 Hour Keynote or Full Workshop

Culture Repair

How Your Hospital Can Thrive and Not Just Survive in 2021

As your Culture Architect, Chris Thrash will inspire your leaders to learn how to appraise and evaluate your current culture in the era of COVID-19 and its ongoing effects.  In a high energy and creative format, Chris will discuss the repairs that hospitals have needed most through research our team has conducted in 2020-2021.  Leaders will learn how to draft a Blueprint  for successfully building back a better, stronger house than even before.  Providing a great patient experience and meeting the needs of families have never been more important, particularly in the era of COVID19.  If you are looking for new energy and motivation for your leadership team with valuable take-aways, this presentation or workshop is a must!   

"Chris Thrash was the keynote speaker for our annual “Everyday Hero” Dinner for our staff members.  He also trained our leadership team earlier in the afternoon.  His presentations reinforced that teamwork and a positive attitude will take you anywhere! I am re-energized about building a service culture! The best words I could use to describe Chris is  Awesome! Fun! I laughed, I cried.  His presentation was better than CATS!”                 


-----K. Morales, Dir Marketing/Public Relations

                         Driscoll Children's Hospital

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Heroic Leadership

Heroic Leaders Taking Care of Everyday Heroes

In 2002, Chris Thrash published the book Everyday Heroes to celebrate those healthcare team members who make Ordinary moments Extraordinary.  In the early days of the Pandemic, we all remember the images of hospital workers ending their shift and greeted by fire trucks, lines of people applauding and even restaurants delivering special meals.  However, the sirens would eventually go away and the crowds of people outside the hospital would disappear, leaving our heroes with a stark reality.  They would need to find ways to remain motivated and strong enough to carry out patient and family care.  For many staff members, the word “Hero” became less and less of a viable term.  That is why we need Heroic Leadership.  Chris Thrash will share meaningful insight in how to take care of our Everyday Heroes and be the new applause, sirens and special recognition our team members deserve. 

"Chris is not only a pleasure, but an experience.  What I appreciated most was his ability to listen to our needs, adapt his approach and include standards, values and goals in his message. Our employees are still making references to his presentations and his message that providing great customer service is not only good for the patient, but can actually make our jobs easier if we all work together.  Thanks for the tips and advice!"


-----M. Ross, Dir Business Development

      Memorial Hermann Hospital

"Chris brings energy, enthusiasm, sincerity and a positive attitude to each engagement, leaving our employees with an upbeat message about service. I have worked with Chris over the last 15 years at both Houston Methodist and Penn State Health.  He relates so well to audiences that they love him and his message in no time!"


---P. Creany, Dir Patient Experience

    Penn State Health

"Chris Thrash's ability to recognize the power of  Everyday Heroes creates an enthusiasm that penetrates through hospital walls.  Chris is a must-bring to organizations because they are not the same once he shares his stories.  Chris knows the power of Everyday Heroes because he daily walks the talk."


-Juanell Teague, Author of The Zig Ziglar Difference