Inspiring Everyday Heroes



I have dedicated my life's work to the Patient Experience.  While I am thankful we have been able to coach staff members to higher levels of service (smile, eye contact, communication, etc.), these are times that require MUCH more important messages of inspiration during these days of survival.


During these challenging times, we hope you will find these resources helpful, encouraging and inspiring for you to share with your Heroic Leaders and Everyday Heroes

Everyday Heroes Inspirational Message by Chris Thrash

An Insightful Article for Heroic Leaders


Chris Thrash is considered one of the first creators of the term "Everyday Heroes" based on his book by the same title, published in 2001.  His timeless book has been shared with healthcare professionals around the world.

  "I CARE" by Taylor Thrash  

Heroic Leadership Tool

Heroic Leadership Tool from AMA

"TODAY" by Taylor Thrash

Empathy - Cleveland Clinic 

Chris Thrash Keynote Examples presented Live or Online for Organizations