Chris Thrash, MBA, MHA
Consultant, Speaker, Author

With over 30 years of healthcare experience, Chris Thrash founded Chris Thrash and Associates in 1999 and has partnered with over 350 hospitals to reach their highest potential in excellent patient experiences, employee engagement and physician loyalty. Chris has a proven track record in providing healthcare leaders and caregivers with clear plans and practical approaches that dramatically improve the patient experience.  As a sought after speaker, he has the unique ability to creatively blend humor with authenticity that takes audiences on a high energy learning experience that always connects the mind and heart. Chris is an award winning speaker, author and thought leader in the patient experience.  He holds his Masters in Healthcare Administration from Southern California University and is the author of four books:  Everyday Heroes, At the Heart of Effective Leadership, Service Culture Handbook, and Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed.  For training videos he has produced, directed and been featured in, Chris has received awards from the WorldFest International Film Festival. ​It is our mission to inspire, engage and ignite new energy to calm fears, alleviate pain and share compassion with every life we touch - our patients, families, team members, and incredible leaders.  Chris desires to serve his client partners by offering messages of hope, healing and heartfelt compassion Everyday.  Thanks for being Everyday Heroes!

Jon Lindgren
Producer, Visual & Innovation

Jon is a 30-year broadcast producer, award-winning filmmaker, director and a successful creative marketing executive. He founded ViaMedia, an advertising agency and video production company in 1995. Jon Lindgren has garnered industry awards for his creative accomplishments including a 2005 Tribeca Short Film Festival Award for his short film, “An Everyday Hero”, which won first place. His clients have included the national networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, A&E, ESPN, Fox Southwest Sports, PBS and The Discovery Channel, Sportsmen and Versus Channel.

In 2020, Jon Lindgren has produced over 40 training videos for nurses, 20 training videos for law enforcement, and close to 100 inspirational videos for the spiritual care of medical staff. Jon has spent hundreds of hours of field and post productions to better engage the viewer and continue much-needed training and interactive communications, strengthening relationships that have been strained without community.

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