Chris Thrash, MBA, MHA

Chris founded Chris Thrash and Associates in 1999 and has partnered with over 350 hospitals to reach their highest potential in excellent patient experiences, employee engagement and physician loyalty. With 30+ years of healthcare experience, Chris has a proven track record of providing healthcare leaders and caregivers with clear plans and practical approaches that dramatically improve the hospital experience for patients and healthcare providers alike. 

Chris is an award-winning speaker, author and thought leader in the patient experience.  He holds a Masters in Healthcare Administration from California Southern University and is the author of four books:  Everyday HeroesAt the Heart of Effective LeadershipService Culture Handbook, and Leadership: Helping Others to Succeed. As a sought-after speaker, he has the unique ability to creatively blend humor with authenticity to take audiences on a high energy learning experience that always connects the mind and heart. Over the years, Chris has received five awards from the WorldFest International Film Festival for training videos he produced, directed, and was featured in.

The mission of Chris Thrash and Associates is to inspire, engage and ignite new energy in the healthcare community to calm fears, alleviate pain and share compassion with every life they touch - patients, families, team members, and incredible leaders.  Chris desires to serve his client partners by offering messages of hope, healing, and heartfelt compassion every day and provide proven strategies to create service culture excellence.

Jon Lindgren

Jon is a 30-year broadcast producer, award-winning filmmaker, director, and creative marketing executive. When a hospital or a hospital group first realizes the best audience for growing their business is within their walls, the light turns on and they understand annual growth and gaining market share is within their reach. Often hospitals spend too much time and money on external marketing when building their brand internally provides greater patient satisfaction and consistent organic growth to improve profitability. Jon helps facilities better understand how standard marketing can fail and why building trust and loyalty from within can improve core values to create its own form of viral marketing.

Jon founded ViaMedia, an advertising agency and video production company in 1995. He has garnered industry awards for his creative accomplishments including a 2005 first place Tribeca Short Film Festival Award for his short film, “An Everyday Hero.” His clients have included the national networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, A&E, ESPN, Fox Southwest Sports, PBS, The Discovery Channel, Sportsmen and Versus Channel. Jon founded Recovery Network Services in 2016 to provide patient education services to hospitals through a hybrid broadcast/mobile platform and is currently producing AR and VR training for Emergency Departments to educate staff on how best to respond to an active shooter event.

In 2020, when medical staff was exhausted and communication was limited, Jon Lindgren produced over 40 training videos for nurses, 20 training videos for law enforcement, and close to 100 inspirational videos for the spiritual care of medical staff. Jon has produced hundreds of programs to better engage the viewer with interactive communications, to strengthen relationships, and to improve the quality of life.

Geoff Morris, M.Ed., MBA
Leadership/Training Development

Geoff Morris, M.Ed., MBA has been studying human attitudes and their effect on behavior for over 20 years. He firmly believes that with the right approach in life, anyone can reach their true potential and obtain unlimited success.

As a professional coach, trainer, and consultant, Geoff has an unwavering desire to make sure that other professionals are being the best that they can be and that they will settle for nothing less. With regards to their talent and skills, Geoff’s learning and development experience has been instrumental in the growth of those around him and those who have worked with him.
Geoff specializes in the following areas: Executive coaching, employee communications, strategic planning, employee management, empowerment skills, crisis management, leadership training, change management, personnel development, and organizational development. He has been successful in helping others increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity, accountability, happiness, and confidence.

Geoff has written a self-help book called Your Next Move to provide strategies for others to embrace the changes in their lives. The book’s message is simple:  if you positively change your thinking and your approach in life, then your emotions, actions, and results will change too. This belief has been the cornerstone of his L&D philosophy, and what drives Geoff and his client’s working relationships today.

    Danielle Harden, RN, ACNP-BC, CNS, CCRN
    Advanced Nurse Practitioner/Author/Speaker

    Over the years as a nurse practitioner, Danielle's expertise in running and directing cardiac arrest codes, chronic respiratory failures which include intubations has allowed her to provide lectures for nursing staff on various critical care issues, and managing patients with multiple co-morbidities including stroke, myocardial infarctions, pneumonia, and a variety of other significant diseases. Danielle has been a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Houston Baptist University providing student nursing lectures in rapid response and hematology. She has served as a clinical site preceptor and coached students in critical care areas and grading clinical pathway maps.

    Danielle Hardin has a heart for nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians alike because she has worked very hard and understands the tremendous challenges they face. While at the University of Kansas, she worked on average 72-120 hours of call hours per week in addition to workweek hours. Danielle Hardin’s education and career have spanned over numerous prestigious organizations – Rush University Medical Center, University of Kansas Medical Center, St. Luke’s Health System Kansas City, Washington Hospital Center, Grady Memorial Hospital, Baltimore Washington Medical Center, R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, University of Maryland Medical Center, and Johns Hopkins Medical Center. In her present role at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, she takes calls for all acute situations at night in med/surg floors to ICU.

    Danielle has published articles in the Journal of Nursing Administration and Journal of Palliative Care and Medicine. Danielle is a very effective and dynamic speaker who has spoken at National Nurse Practitioner Boot Camps and whose passion, energy, and ability to connect with all caregivers set her apart as a tremendous asset to help healthcare professionals find meaning, purpose, and ongoing resilience for the demanding work they do.

    Tracee Lewis, JD
    Benefits Strategist & Attorney

    Tracee Lewis has spent her career in employee benefits. She worked 20+ years as a Baker
    Botts’ attorney before joining Schlumberger to lead healthcare benefits design and delivery for 25,000 U.S. employees. Her strategic insights were instrumental in improving engagement and the employee experience while delivering employer savings. Tracee also has a longstanding passion for helping people understand mental health and find resources to meet their needs. Because of family experiences and her personal values, Tracee now works with Lyra Health, an organization dedicated to making affordable, effective mental healthcare available quickly and easily at scale.

    Tracee also has a significant personal knowledge base to help hospitals and healthcare organizations understand the importance of patient advocacy, respect, and transparency in the context of keeping patients and family members informed and cared for in a hospital setting. She hopes her insights into mental health, the patient experience, and the impact healthcare workers can have on that experience, will be valuable tools for hospital leaders as they work to support their frontline heroes in the ongoing unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19.

    Eddie Feld, BA
    Financial Strategist

    Eddie launched Healthsource Consultants in 1997 with a proven healthcare background and is an expert in managing recovery in the area of Workers' Compensation claims for hospital clients.  Through extensive research in Workers' Compensation financial class and discovered that those patient claims represented roughly 3% of most hospital accounts receivable.  With individual rules based on state laws that both insurance carriers and hospital providers have to abide by, it has left those claims "needing a sheriff" to hold the carriers accountable for their claim payments HCI meets those needs.  A graduate of the University of Texas in Austin, Eddie majored in public relations and minored in marketing, and over the course of his career, worked for several national firms before founding HCI.

    Healthsource Consultants

    Bob Poston, MBA
    Financial Strategist

    As President of Healthsource Consultants, Bob oversees development of the company's strategic vision and recruits the very best talent in order to be an excellent partner to clients.  He has spent eleven years in healthcare serving in a variety of roles for a Fortune 100 company. Prior to joining Healthsource, Bob spent five years leading a software company that achieved the Inc. 500/5000 list for three consecutive years and the Business First Fast 50 list for four consecutive years. He graduated cum laude from Indiana Wesleyan with degrees in Economics, Business Administration, and Political Science, and holds an MBA from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

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