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Inspiring Everyday Heroes

Heroic Leadership

The Difference between Surviving or Thriving 

Now more than ever, patients and families need Everyday Heroes to provide the best patient experience even in a climate of chaos. Everyday Heroes need Heroic Leaders to fearlessly create a service culture of compassion, care and inspiration.  

Since 1999, we have had the privilege to work with over 375 hospitals, 47 health systems, 38 VA Medical Centers and spoken at numerous national and international healthcare conferences.

In 1999, Chris Thrash founded Chris Thrash and Associates.  His first book in 2001 was entitled Everyday Heroes to reflect his passion for celebrating the heroic things healthcare team members do to make Ordinary moments Extraordinary in the lives they touch.  Today, our Everyday Heroes need Heroic Leaders more than ever. We invite you to join the cause of hundreds of organizations we have partnered with for over 20 years.  Embrace the opportunity to create a Heroic Culture where the patient experience, employee engagement and physician loyalty are paramount to your success.