Resources and Best Practices

In working with over 350 individual hospitals and health systems, Chris Thrash and Associates have a broad depth of knowledge and experience on numerous healthcare topics.  If you would like to receive information, articles and resources to address your current challenge or obstacle, we will research this area of concern and help you find the best solutions.

Market Research / Case Studies

Three decades of research have proven that the greatest driver of patient satisfaction is communication. (Hall, J.A., Roter, D.L. & Katz, N.R. Task Versus Socioemotional Behaviors in Patients. Medical Care, 25, pp 399-412)

The quality of the provider-patient relationship is the prime predictor of legal claims. (Tannenbaum, R & Berman, M. Why Patients Who Like You Will Not Sue You for Malpractice. Physician’s Management, April, p. 85)

75% of malpractice cases stem not from loss of life or limb, but from patients’ feelings about the care they received. (Robinson Report)

The Cost of a Dissatisfied Patient

Example Hospital – 275 bed hospital employing 1,000 staff members.

Looking at the formula demonstrating the cost of 1 dissatisfied patient, a study published in Group Practice Journal demonstrates that the cost of 1 dissatisfied patient to a typical organization can be as much as $238,000. This average cost includes the cost of litigation, loss of a patient's "future business", and discouragement of family and friends to seek their care at the hospital where a patient was treated. This amount impacting an organization could be more or less than the said $238,000 depending on each individual case.