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Heroic Leadership

The Difference between Surviving or Thriving 

Now more than ever, patients and families need Everyday Heroes to provide the best patient experience particularly during our recovery from a challenging Pandemic. Everyday Heroes need Heroic Leaders to fearlessly create a service culture of compassion, care and inspiration.  

Almost twenty years ago, I wrote the book Everyday Heroes and produced an award winning video by the same title.  While many people used these words, particularly early in the Pandemic, "Everyday Heroes" has faded away over the long course of this pandemic.  When doctors, nurses and hospital team members walk out of the hospital at the end of another grueling shift, the honking horns, community applause and inspirational messages have unfortunately become almost silent. 

How can we keep the inspiration and encouragement alive while our team members need it now more than ever? That's why our leaders must take up the cause and find creative, meaningful ways to care for their hospital family.  We need Heroic Leadership to Create a Culture of Appreciation.